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Hell's Hundred is a new Horror Fiction imprint from independent publisher Soho Press.

Named after the once bleak, now chic New York City neighborhood of SoHo—formerly known as “hell's hundred acres” for its grim industrial facades and deadly fires—Hell's Hundred provides fertile ground for new nightmares to take root.


E.K. Sathue

June 4, 2024  •  Hardcover and ebook

From Sophia Bannion’s first day on the Storytelling team at HEBE, a luxury skincare/wellness company based in New York’s trendy SoHo neighborhood, it’s clear something is deeply amiss. But Sophia, pushing thirty with plenty of skeletons in her closet next to the designer knockoffs, doesn’t care. Though she leads an outwardly charmed life, she aches for a deeper meaning to her flat existence—and a cure for her brutal nail-biting habit. She finds it all and more at HEBE, and with Tree Whitestone, HEBE’s charismatic founder and CEO. Soon, Sophia is addicted to her HEBE lifestyle, especially youthjuice, the fatty, soothing moisturizer Tree has asked Sophia to test. But when cracks in HEBE’s infrastructure start to worsen—and Sophia learns the gruesome secret ingredient at the heart of youthjuice—she has to decide how far she’s willing to go to stay beautiful forever. Glittering with ominous flashes of Sophia’s coming-of-rage story, former beauty editor E.K. Sathue’s horror debut is as incisive as it is stomach-churning in its portrayal of all-consuming female friendship and the beauty industry’s short attention span. youthjuice does to skincare influencers what Bret Easton Ellis did to yuppies. You’ll never moisturize the same way again.

“Lena Dunham’s Girls meets Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop meets Mona Awad’s Bunny meets . . . Elizabeth Báthory. youthjuice is a darkly comedic cautionary tale, oozing with voice.”
Zoje StageUSA Today bestselling author of Baby Teeth

A 29-year-old copywriter realizes that beauty is possible—at a terrible cost—in this surreal, satirical send-up of NYC It-girl culture.

Available now

Come Closer 

A recurrent, unidentifiable noise in her apartment. A memo to her boss that’s replaced by obscene insults. Amanda—a successful architect in a happy marriage—finds her life going off kilter by degrees. She starts smoking again, and one night for no reason, without even the knowledge that she’s doing it, she burns her husband with a cigarette. At night she dreams of a beautiful woman with pointed teeth on the shore of a blood-red sea. The new voice in Amanda’s head, the one that tells her to steal things and talk to strange men in bars, is strange and frightening, and Amanda struggles to wrest back control of her life. A book on demon possession suggests that the figure on the shore could be the demon Naamah, known to scholars of the Kabbalah as the second wife of Adam, who stole into his dreams and tricked him into fathering her child. Whatever the case, as the violence of her erratic behavior increases, Amanda knows that she must act to put her life right, or see it destroyed.

“A perfect horror novel.”
 Paul Tremblay, author of The Cabin at the End of the World

Paperback and ebook

Sara Gran

Demonic possession or psychic break? One of Esquire’s Top 50 horror novels of all time delves deep into the terrifying consequences of losing control.

Coming in 2025

Our Winter Monster

Dennis Mahoney

Spring 2025  •  Hardcover and ebook

A year ago, something terrible happened to Holly and Brian. They lived—Holly made sure of that—but the people they used to be didn’t survive.  Tonight, Holly and Brian race toward Pinebuck, New York, trying to outrun a blizzard on their way to the ski village getaway they hope will save their strained relationship. But soon they lose control of the car—and then of themselves.  Now Sheriff Kendra Book is getting calls about a couple in trouble—along with reports of a brutal and mysterious creature rampaging through town, leaving a trail of crushed cars, wrecked buildings, and mangled bodies in the bloody snow.  To Kendra, who lost another couple to the snow just seven weeks ago, the danger feels personal. But not as personal as it feels to Holly and Brian, who are starting to see the past, the present, and themselves in a monstrous new light . . .

Chilling holiday horror about an unhappy couple running from their problems and straight into the maw of a terrifying beast.

Blood Like Mine 

On a snowy December night, single mother Rebecca Carter drives her van into a snowbank to avoid hitting an elk on a desolate mountain highway. She is at the end of her rope, out of money and food. Still, she refuses help from a man in a pickup truck—Rebecca’s adolescent daughter, Moonflower, is on the run from a grisly secret, and the last thing they can afford is to be remembered by anyone they meet. Meanwhile, Special Agent Marc Donner of the FBI has spent the better part of two years hunting down a gruesome serial killer who drains victims of blood before severing their spinal cords, leaving a trail of bodies across the country. As Agent Donner’s investigation brings him closer and closer to where Rebecca and Moonflower are hiding out, in the foothills of Colorado, the life that Rebecca has fought so hard to hold together for her daughter becomes increasingly imperiled. In this deadly, high-stakes game of cat and mouse by the Los Angeles Times Book Prize–winning author of The Ghosts of Belfast, nobody is safe and nothing is certain—not even the line between predator and prey.

“Stuart Neville at his very, very best—this book grabs your heart and doesn't let go.”
—Ruth WareNYTimes bestselling author of The Woman in Cabin 10

August 6, 2024  •  Hardcover and ebook

Stuart Neville

In LA Times Book Prizewinner Stuart Neville’s daring foray into horror fiction, a mother takes desperate measures to protect her daughter in a sinister, blood-chilling highway pursuit across the Southwest.

In this gripping, queer Victorian horror-thriller, an inquisitive young journalist named Emily Gibson sends letter after letter to an elderly woman confined to a Highgate convent—a woman whose secret past is steeped in blood. What does she know of the notorious Sweeney Todd, who slashed his victims in his barber chair? Could she have been his accomplice, Mrs. Lovett, who baked the remains of his victims into meat pies? Their increasingly menacing correspondence unlocks an intricate and frightening mystery that spans half a century, and sets the stage for the terrors of the modern era. With the walls closing in on them both, and through an ever-deepening correspondence, together the women unravel the true story of Margery Lovett and her unspeakable crimes.

Spring 2025  •  Hardcover and ebook

David Demchuk and Corinne Leigh Clark

The Butcher’s Daughter 

“You want to know the true tale of the wicked woman, the murdering monster, what baked the pies that she filled with the bits of her victims? The talk of London Town. I will tell you what you want to know, if it be the last that I do tell. And it may well be.”

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